Nectar, Nipples & Nature  15x20in  $450 orig. framed
Nesting Among the Cactus  18x24in  $450 orig. framed
Cactus Flowers  15x20in  $150 matted orig.
Happy Hour at the Cactus Flower 15x20in  $400 framed orig.
Garden Disarray  15x21in  $300 framed orig.
Vivid Cactus 12x14in  $95 matted print
Tween a Rock and a Hard Place  15x20in  $95 matted print
Needles and Beetle  15x20in  $400 framed orig.
Cactus Wren  15x20in  $400 framed orig.
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Loonier Moth  15x20in  Watercolor
   I see a convergence between chaos and order or
reality.  It is unclear which is growing or winning if
that is a good way to look at it.  At the very least
the two have met and exist in a dynamic equilibrium. 
   As I look at the streaming colors that sorround the
butterfly and cactus, I keep wanting to find another
cactus or butterfly or something substantial to pop
out.  And conversely I hope that I do not detect the
known images to begin to smear and loose their
   As for liking or not liking......I guess the fact that
I could look at this painting for a rather long time
and not get too bored is a pretty good kudo.

The fragility of the butterfly and blossoms against the almost cosmic background could represent the presence of hope amid darkness and despair.